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Located in the heart of the Westgate Entertainment District

What Is an Escape Room?

It's an adventure like no other, designed for small groups of friends, families,  or co-workers
to challenge their problem-solving skills in a fun-themed escape room.
Each Escape Westgate experience has its own  thrilling adventure, storyline, and escape challenge. It’s filled with puzzles, hidden objects and clues to help you solve your mission and escape before time runs out.
You have just 60 minutes to find the the clues, solve all the puzzles, decipher all the codes, and complete your quest to escape the room!

Do you have what it takes to escape before time runs out?

Playing an Escape Room

Who Should Play?

These games are great for people of all ages. No special skills or tricks are required to have a great time. Family and friends work together to solve problems and progress as a team. Every scenario offers mentally stimulating puzzles and riddles to solve and doesn’t require much physically from a player. It’s a safe choice for all types of people. 




Team Building Events

Forget the day-long corporate retreat that has everyone yawning by 2 pm (even with coffee). Escape Westgate team-building games are hands-on, fully immersive, and exciting activities that get everyone working together to search for clues, solve puzzles and strategize as a team to complete adventure scenarios. Whether it’s putting on your adventurer's hat and exploring the Lost Tomb, discovering the hidden secrets of The Mystery Mansion, or surviving the Mine Shafted scenario, in just 60 minutes your team will develop and use collaboration skills.

Now offering corporate packages at a discounted rate. Call 623-282-1979 to ask about our exciting offer. 

Perfect for Special Events

Escape Westgate makes special events and social gatherings a memorable experience. Celebrate your special occasion with your friends and loved ones by exploring Escape Westgate. Together you can find hidden objects, solve puzzles and complete fun and amazing quests. Plus, the environment is fun & exciting… this will be a family and friends experience your group will never forget!




"It was the most amazing Escape Room we have ever visited"

- Chris Wright

"We had the entire family with us.   We all loved it.   Thanks for a great time."

- Dan Foudray

"Our office team building exercise was fantastic here.   We will be back every month with new team members.  Thanks for such a great experience"

- Jackie Gorospie



 Call us at  623-282-1979